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No need to start from scratch! This directory includes open source tools, tutorials, and libraries built or submitted by the Twitch Developer community.

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Created by Breci

This library will allow you to abstract the Twitch extension helper for your twitch extension project using Vue/Vuex.

Created by TwitchLib

A C# library that allows for interaction with various Twitch services. You can use it to interact with chat, the Twitch API, PubSub, and Twitch Extensions!

Created by TwitchIO

An Asynchronous IRC/API Wrapper for Twitch Chatbots made in Python!

Created by PhilippHeuer

An API wrapper for using the Twitch APIs in your Java projects!

Created by BarryCarlyon

An Extension that demonstrates how to use the Twitch API with an Extension EBS to show the authenticated users profile.

Created by swiftyspiffy

A simple tool to generate access tokens for Twitch with custom scopes. Good tool for testing various Twitch third party tools.

Created by BarryCarlyon

A GitHub repository of various examples, ranging from EventSub, to authentication and a few bits and pieces in between!

Created by d-fischer

A wrapper for the Twitch APIs to make using them easier while using JavaScript.

Created by lukemnet

A JavaScript package with useful functions to assist in creating an Extension Backend Service for your Twitch Extension.

Created by fosefx_dev

A boilerplate for Twitch chatbots. Write nothing but your business logic.

Created by Alca

Chat client for Node.js and browser.

Created by Chris Perkins

A Swift wrapper for the Twitch API aiming to provide easy access by returning typed data values to help you finish your application without headaches.

Created by sogehige

A well documented, free, and open source Twitch Bot build on Node.js.

Created by mbcrump

Create a Twitch bot using Python, create and secure your client keys and persisting data throughout sessions.

Created by HerrAusragend

A Twitch API Library for Laravel.

Created by thedist

Tutorial for implementing Twitch EventSub using serverless infrastructure.

Created by gempir

An IRC client for the Go programming language, making it easy to interact with Twitch Chat from your project!

Created by crazyjack12

This library provides access to Twitch API endpoints and JWT handling for Twitch Extensions.

Created by crazyjack12

Fetch Twitch game/Extension analytics.

Created by Matt Condon

A tutorial explaining how to notify your Discord and website when streamers go live with your Twitch Extension!

Created by djiit

Bootstrapping a Twitch Extension with NextJS is easy! Follow this simple steps.

Created by thedist

A tutorial for using AWS to create a scalable, serverless, infrastructure to subscribe to, store, and maintain Twitch Webhooks.