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Product Docs

  • Authentication is the Twitch login system.

  • Chat enables viewers to send messages viewable by the broadcaster and other viewers. You can use an IRC interface to our chat functionality. See Chat and IRC.

  • Drops is a tool set that supports you in granting in-game rewards to your gaming communities natively within the Twitch viewing experience. Drops reports users’ game-viewing activity to you. You define the rewards and the reward logic. Drops allows you to tailor the viewing experience to the needs of players and the economy of your game.

  • Embedding Twitch describes various options for embedding chat, live video, and VODs.

  • Twitch Extensions allows broadcasters to embed interactive, custom, third-party content on their channel pages. Extensions installed by a broadcaster are automatically visible to any viewer who goes to the broadcaster’s channel page using a desktop Web browser. Viewers can see details about the extension and report an extension for bad behavior.

  • The new Twitch API provides the tools and data used to develop integrations with Twitch. The data models and systems are designed to provide relevant data in an easy, consistent, and reliable way.

  • Twitch PubSub is a system that allows back-end services to broadcast realtime messages to clients. Example applications include:

    • An instant messaging service sending instant messages between friends.
    • A back-end video system pushing real-time viewer count updates to video players.
    • A presence system broadcasting users’ online status to all their friends.
  • The Twitch API v5 enables you to develop your own applications using a rich feature set. You can get data about which streams are live, change information about specific channels, and use Twitch Identity to log into your application.

    V5 is deprecated as of 8/31/17 and will be removed entirely on 12/31/18 (in favor of the new Twitch API, mentioned above).


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