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This release updates Twitch’s CLI with the following changes:

  1. Adds the following events that you can trigger (see Testing webhook events).
    • charity-donation — Triggers an event to mimic when a user donations to the broadcaster’s charity campaign.
    • charity-start — Triggers an event to mimic when a broadcaster starts a charity campaign.
    • charity-progress — Triggers an event to mimic when progress is made towards the campaign’s goal or when the broadcaster changes the fundraising goal.
    • charity-stop — Triggers an event to mimic when a broadcaster stops a charity campaign.
  2. Adds the following flags that you can use with the charity events.
    • charity-current-value — Use to specify the amount of money that’s donated for charity donation events or the current amount raised for the charity campaign events.
    • charity-target-value — Use to specify the fundraising target amount for the charity campaign events.
  3. Changed the user.update event name in the documentation to user-update to match the convention used by the other events.

See all the latest documentation updates on the changelog.

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