Twitch API

The Twitch API provides the tools and data used to develop Twitch integrations. The data models and systems are designed to provide relevant data in an easy, consistent, and reliable way. For the full list of endpoints that you can use in your integration, explore the Twitch API Reference.

The Twitch API uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication. To learn about the different types of access tokens that the API supports, see Authentication. If you plan to use some of the extension-related endpoints, you’ll also need learn how to get JSON Web Tokens (JWT) (see JSON Web Tokens and Managing Extension Secrets).

For information about using the APIs, see the following guides:

You should also become familiar with the following features:

Feature Description
EventSub The Twitch API provides APIs that you can call to poll the status of a given resource. These APIs are fine if you need a snapshot of the resource but it’s recommended that you subscribe to receive resource updates instead. For information about subscribing to events, see EventSub subscriptions.
Command-line Interface Twitch offers a command-line interface for managing Twitch resources. You can use it to call the Twitch endpoints, get an OAuth access token, and test EventSub events.

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