Organization Management

Reviews for Extensions have resumed in May 2024 and the backlog will be completed in the coming weeks. Reviews for organizations, games, and chatbot verification continue to be temporarily paused while we revise our processes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


This guide explains how to register a developer organization, which enables you to manage games and build Extensions in collaboration with other Twitch Developers. Organizations also have the ability to claim games on Twitch to get access to game analytics and use Twitch Drops. For more about claiming games, see Game Management.

Registering and Managing Organizations

Before you start to manage games or build Extensions collaboratively, you must register an organization with Twitch. An organization is loosely defined as a group of one or more people who have Twitch accounts and work together. Different users in an organization can have different roles, with each role providing a different level of control over a different aspect of the Twitch experience. The concept of an organization is especially useful for large groups with multiple teams, each of which needs access to different products in the Twitch console.

You must register an organization to manage games, even if you’re the only member. You can be a member of up to 100 organizations, including those you own.

How to Register an Organization

To register an organization:

  1. Go to your Twitch developer console:
    a. If you’re logged in, go to the developer console.
    b. If not, go to, then click Your Console at the top right.
  2. At the top right, click the dropdown arrow next to your Twitch username and then click Create Organization from the menu that appears.
  3. Fill out the registration form:

    Field Description
    Organization Name Name of your organization.
    Organization URL URL of your organization’s website. If you are providing games you would like to claim below, the organization URL domain must match the contact email domain, or your registration request will be rejected.
    Organization Type Developer, Publisher, or Other.
    Games Titles of games that your organization owns. Start typing and the form provides an auto-complete drop-down list of games known to Twitch.
    Industry Examples: esports, gaming, health care, energy.
    Organization Size Number of people in your organization.
    Country, City, State Location of your organization.
    First Name, Last Name, Job Title Contact information for the creator of the organization. This user is added to the organization as the owner. The email domain must match the organization URL domain, or your registration request will be rejected.
    What products are you interested in? Indicate which Twitch products you want to manage; for example, creating Drops or accessing game insights.
    What brought you to Twitch Development? Fill in as appropriate.
  4. Click Submit.
    The button is clickable only after all required fields are filled in (and assuming you do not have another registration submission in process). After you submit, a note appears, indicating your registration is pending.
  5. Processing typically takes one business week, after which you will receive an email with confirmation or rejection of your application:
    • If your registration is approved, you are added to the organization as an administrator and you can manage the other users in the organization.
    • If your registration is rejected, you will receive an email with further information. The most common reasons for rejection are: the organization URL and email domains do not match (if you are claiming a game), or the organization does not own the specified game(s). Please fill out the form again, correcting any errors, and resubmit.

Why Was My Organization Request Rejected?

We intend for organizations to be a tool for developers, game publishers and studios, or for brands that work with Twitch solutions or products. We reserve the right to reject any organization request for any reason. Here are some common reasons why a request is rejected:

If you believe your application was rejected in error, please post a topic to our forums and a moderator and member of Twitch staff will be able to help. We apologize for any trouble!

User Roles

Twitch Developers within an organization can be assigned these roles:

Role Product Management User Management
Owner Can manage games, access game analytics, manage Drops campaigns, and manage Extensions. Can add and delete users of any role.
Administrator Can manage games, access game analytics, manage Drops campaigns and manage Extensions. Can add and delete managers, marketers, and developers.
Billing Manager Can manage games, access game analytics, manage Drops campaigns, and manage Extensions, including assigning themselves or other billing managers as payout entities for Extensions. Can add and delete managers, marketers, and developers.
Manager Can manage games, access game analytics, manage Drops campaigns, and manage Extensions. Can add and delete marketers and developers.
Marketer Can access Drops campaigns. Can also do anything as Developers, such as managing Extensions and Apps.
Developer Can manage games, access game analytics, manage Drops campaigns, and manage Extensions and Apps.

Accepting an Invite to an Organization

If you have been added to an organization by the administrator, you can accept the invitation as long as you are in less than 100 organizations (including the ones you own).

You will receive an invitation email to the address associated with your Twitch account. You must have 2FA and a validated email to register or join an organization.

Alternatively, you can access pending invites via the Manage Organizations button, located in the dropdown menu in the console navigation.

If you decline an invite to an organization, the administrator must send you another invitation if you wish to join later. Invitations expire after 72 hours.

How to Manage Users

To manage users:

  1. Ensure that any account you want to assign to a user role has a Twitch ID.
  2. Navigate to the console for your organization using the drop down in the navigation bar.
  3. Click the Manage Members button on the Organization console homepage.
  4. On this page, you can filter by member name and by role. You can also sort by member name, role, and the date they were added to the organization.

To add a user:

  1. Click the Add User button.
  2. Search for the Twitch username of the user.
  3. Provide the user’s name, and job title.
  4. Select the role in which the user will be placed. If selecting billing manager, see Restrictions on Billing Managers.
  5. Click Add User. If not already in your organization, the user will be added and will be able to access the organization console after login. Until this point, their status will show as PENDING.

To change a user’s role as an owner or administrator:

  1. Click Manage for the user who will receive the role adjustment.
  2. Select their new role in the drop down. If selecting billing manager, see Restrictions on Billing Managers below.
  3. Click Save. The role adjustment will occur immediately.

To delete a user, click the trash can to the right of the user’s name.

Restrictions on Billing Managers

Billing managers are Twitch account holders (or entities) that are eligible to receive Extension revenue payouts from Twitch. To be assigned this role, the Twitch account must:

Game Management

As a game publisher or developer, you can claim ownership of your game on, allowing you to manage how it is displayed on the site, as well as view game developer insights (see Insights and Analytics). You can claim ownership of a game either via the registration form, or by clicking add game within the “games” tab or on the homepage of the Organization Console.

Note: Game ownership requests are verified within one week along with your request to create a new organization. The review team makes every effort to verify ownership using public information, but ownership requests can be denied if this is not possible. You can help our team by ensuring the Organization URL is accurate, that its domain matches your email domain, and that the information in the form can be cross-referenced with a verifiable source such as

Editing Cover Art

Cover art for a game in the Twitch directory is powered by IGDB. Any Twitch user can submit a request to update a game’s cover art. To submit a request, find the game on IGDB and click the “Edit” button next to the title. Make sure that the image you are uploading follows the IGDB cover guidelines.

Changes to other elements of your game’s presence on Twitch, such as the name, must be submitted via a support request.

Accessing Game Developer Insights

As the owner of a game, you can access insights and analytics regarding your game’s activity on Twitch. To learn more, see Game Developer Analytics.

Extension Monetization Within an Organization

Organization owners can specify, on a per Extension basis, where any payouts will be received.

Note: If you have an existing Extension (with or without monetization enabled), our support team can migrate this Extension to your organization. The owner of the Extension must have a permission level of admin or higher in the destination organization.

After adding a billing manager (see the previous steps), follow these steps to enable monetization on an Extension:

  1. Navigate to an Extension. On either the version listing page or the page of a specific version, click the Extension Settings button, under the main navigation bar.
  2. Near the bottom of this page, you can attach a billing user to the organization. This is required to monetize the Extension.
    • Only users set as a billing manager will appear in this drop down. The owner may also appear in this drop down, however, if the account has satisfied the conditions of the billing manager role (i.e., has 2FA enabled on the account and has completed Extensions Developer Onboarding).
  3. Once you have made your selection, click the Set Billing Manager button.
  4. Navigate to the latest version of an Extension. Then, select the Monetization tab.
  5. You can now set monetization options for the Extension.