Company Management


This document describes how to register companies and add users to them.

As a new Twitch developer, before you can manage games on Twitch or create Drops campaigns, you must register a company, a loosely defined organization of one or more people working together on a Twitch development project. Different users in a company can have different roles (e.g., administrator), providing different levels of management control over some aspects of the Twitch experience. The concept of a company is especially useful for large groups with multiple teams, each of which needs access to different products on the Twitch console.

Registering a company gives you access, via your developer console, to the Games and Drops products. For instance, if you register a company and claim ownership of games listed on, you will see a listing of games on your developer console; for each one, you can:

Note you must register a company even if you’re the only one in it.

User Roles

Each user added to a company has one of the following roles:

Role Product Management User Management
Administrator Manage Games, Drops, and box art. Add and delete users
Manager Manage Games, Drops, and box art. Add users
Marketer Manage Games, Drops, and box art.
Developer Manage Drops.

How To Register a Company

Note: You can have only one registration submission being processed at a time, so if you submitted a company registration that was not yet accepted/rejected, please wait for processing to complete before making another submission.

  1. Go to your Twitch developer console: log into, then click Your Console (top right). Alternately, if you’re already logged in, just go to
  2. On the Games tab or Drops tab, click Register Company.
  3. On the form that comes up, fill out all fields. Pay special attention to the domain of the company URL and contact email; these must match or your request will be rejected. All fields are required.

    Field Description
    Company Name Name of your company.
    Company URL URL of your company website. The company URL domain must match the contact email domain, or your registration request will be rejected.
    Company Type Developer, Publisher, or Other.
    Games Titles of games that your company owns. Start typing and the form provides an autocompleted drop-down list of games that knows of.
    Industry Examples: e-sports, gaming, health care, energy.
    What is the current size of your company? Number of people in your company.
    City, State, Country Location of your company.
    First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Contact information for the creator of the company. This user is added to the company as an administrator. The email domain must match the company URL domain, or your registration request will be rejected.
    What products are you interested in? Indicate which Twitch products you want to manage; for example, creating Drops, managing game box art, or accessing game Insights.
    What brought you to Twitch? Fill in as appropriate.
  4. Click Submit.
    The button is clickable only after all fields are filled in (and assuming you do not have another registration submission in process). After you submit, a note appears, indicating your registration is pending.

  5. Processing typically takes 2-3 business days, then you get an email:

    • If your registration is approved, you are added to the company as an administrator and you can manage the other users in the company.

    • If your registration is rejected, you get an informative email. The most common reasons for rejection are: the company URL and email domains do not match, Twitch cannot verify your affiliation with the company, or the company does not own the specified game(s). Please fill out the form again, correcting the error(s), and resubmit.

How to Manage Users

Note: Only registered users with a Twitch ID can be added to a company.

  1. On your Twitch developer console, in the dropdown under your name (top right), select your company name. The <Company Name> Role Management page appears, showing all users in each role. Initially this page is almost empty, except for the company creator, who is set as an administrator.
  2. In the dropdown under your name (top right), select Twitch Gaming.
    The Twitch Gaming Role Management page appears, showing all users in each role. Initially this page will be almost empty, except for the company creator.
  3. To add a user:
    • Select the appropriate Add button, depending on the desired role of the user to be added: Add Administrator, Add Manager, Add Marketer, Add Developer.
    • In the pop-up window, search for the user, select the desired user, then provide the user’s name, title, and email.
    • Click the Add button at the bottom of the pop-up, to add the user with the specified role.
  4. To delete a user, click the X to the right of the user’s name.