Get Started with the Game Engine Plugins

Download Unity or Unreal Plugin

What are the Twitch Game Engine Plugins?

The Twitch Game Engine Plugins are built for Unity and Unreal, and are adapted to each engine’s unique quirks. We designed them to make integrating your game with Twitch functionality simple, leaving your team more time to create unique experiences.

Please check the change log for information about the currently released versions.

How do they work?

The plugins utilize our Device Code Flow (DCF) Authentication flow in conjunction with EventSub and Helix endpoints to provide access to commonly used functionality on Twitch.

On Unity you can use C#. Just like any other prefab.

On Unreal we support both the Visual Blueprint system as well as the standard C++ implementation.

The base C++ code is also availible upon request, if you have such a need fill out this form

Refer to the Unity and Unreal references to learn more.

What can you do with the plugins?

Allow the twitch community to interact with your game via our various unique functionality.

Steamers will be able to utilize your titles to directly interact with their community; Creativity is your only limitation!


Before you can move on and start building your first game with Twitch features you must first create an application on Twitch itself.
Navigate to your Developer Console and create a new application and select an appropriate category, such as Game Integration. After you have created the application click on manage and you will be presented a Client ID. This ID will be used by the plugin to interact with Twitch

Building your first game

Great, now you’re ready to build your first game with Twitch!
Head over to our Unity Guide, Unreal Blueprint Guide or Unreal C++ Guide to get started.


Got feedback for the plugins? Want something changed? Found a breaking bug? Please submit your info over at our UserVoice.