Product Lifecycle

This page provides the current lifecycle status of our developer products and services. For real-time availability and latency status, see

Important Dates

Product Status Definitions

Developer products and services can be in one of the three statuses. This table provides context for the availability of a product or service given its current status.

Status Availability Maintenance Notification
Active Live in production. Actively maintained with bug and security fixes. New features may be added. An announcement is posted when a new product or product feature is available. Changelog is updated.
Deprecated Live in production. Only major bug and security fixes are made. New features are not added. An announcement is posted when a product or product feature is deprecated. Direct emails may be sent to developers. Changelog is updated. Decommission and shutdown plan will be announced at time of deprecation or at a later date.
Decommissioned No longer available in production. Service is no longer maintained. Previous announcements may be updated. Further announcements and emails are possible.

Current Product Status


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Product Note
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Product Note
Chat rooms Decommissioned in January 2020
Twitch API: v3 Decommissioned on September 12, 2019