API for Web Developers

Create awesome websites and web applications with Twitch content and audience data. Using our set of APIs, web developers are able to integrate Twitch content and embed Twitch video and streams into their games, gaming communities, platforms, and production tools.

  • Twitch Connect

    Enable your users to log-in with their Twitch account in one click.

  • Top Videos

    Retrieve the top viewed videos of the week, month or all time.

  • Now Streaming

    Find out what channels are currently streaming at any time.

  • Channel Subscriptions

    Access which Twitch users subscribe to which channels.

  • Search

    Search for Twitch content by game, channel, status, live or video.

  • Followed Channels

    Access which Twitch users follow which channels.

Case Studies

  • ESL

    ESL has made a one stop shop for eSports content by making great use of Twitch streams, videos, and metadata. From building informative video overlays, to bringing together event scheduling with content, to integrating it all in one package, ESL keeps their audience captivated.

  • Moobot

    Bot used to moderate Twitch chats, an indispensable tool for broadcasters who need to buff the strength of their moderation team. Moobot processes 1+ million Twitch chat messages a day for over 5,000 broadcasters.

  • Twitch Now

    Twitch Now is a much loved and 5 star rated Chrome browser extension. Built entirely upon our web API, Twitch Now keeps users updated and connected to the Twitch experience outside of our website.

  • LolKing

    Sleek implementation of a livestream list, pulled from one of our API endpoints. Live League of Legends streamers are listed right next to all the information LolKing provides.

  • HoN Cast

    S2 Games released their media hub for Heroes of Newerth, HoNcast, embedding their Twitch channel onto their page. Their channel saw 3x increase in unique views month over month after the integration.

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