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Create awesome websites and web applications with Twitch content and audience data. Using our set of APIs, web developers are able to integrate Twitch content and embed Twitch video and streams into their games, gaming communities, platforms, and production tools.

Twitch Identity

Enable your users to log-in with their Twitch account in one click.

Streaming Now

Find out what channels are currently streaming at any time.

Top Videos

Retrieve the top viewed videos of the week, month or all time.


Access which Twitch users subscribe to which channels.


Access which Twitch users follow which channels.

Plus Much More!

We have many more features that you can explore.

Introducing our Stream Embed API

The Twitch Stream Embed API allows you to deeply integrate the Twitch Player into your website. With the ability to host Streams or Vods, play and pause, seek to specific times, along with getting statistics on the video itself, it provides a powerful way to create new web features. Sites like and many others already have implemented this functionality, along with our Twitch Stream API to ensure their users have access to the content they care about on their platform.

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Twitch vs. One Troll Army: beat the devs at their own game, and they’ll release it for free!
May 18
Update: Twitch won! tinyBuild should’ve known resistance was futile. Download a copy of One Troll Army for free, and wage war across Twitch!
Client-ID required for Kraken API calls
May 5
TL;DR: On Monday, August 8th, 2016, we’re going to really-for-real require the Client-ID header on all of your API requests to Kraken. The longer version
Building a great developer community
May 2
Hey, current and future Twitch developers! I wanted to post a quick blog to introduce myself. I’m Dallas Tester, the Developer Programs Manager here at Twitch. Just for a quick background about me, I started gaming with the Atari 2600 but…
Twitch community decides the launch price of Forced Showdown!
Mar 23
BetaDwarf, the studio best known for their crazy startup story, is back with their second title: Forced Showdown, and they’re putting the fate of the game into the hands of Twitch!