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Twitch Extensions enable you to create live apps that interact with the stream, as a panel on a channel, or with chat. Create interactive experiences such as mini games, leaderboards, live gear information and more.

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Launch your first "Hello, World!" extension, then quickly iterate through learning how your users engage with your extension on Twitch. Click through the steps in the journey below for some guides that will be helpful to you as you build extensions.


Extensions Design Guide

Accurate design is the first step in creating a great Extension. Make sure your Extension is easy and fast to onboard, solves a problem for a broadcaster, complements their stream UI, and shows an example of how the Extension will appear on a channel’s stream.

Extensions Design Guide

Best practices, tips and tricks

Sourced from our developers, streamers and viewers on Twitch.
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Looking to monetize your extension?

Bits monetization enables you to earn revenue within your extension. Our self-service product catalog lets developers create, manage, delete and set pricing for all Bits-enabled extensions.

Create products within the Developer Rig.

The “Manage Bits Products” tab within the Rig can be used to set all product SKUs that you refer to in your extension code.

Create Products

Complete a one-time onboarding.

For security and tax purposes, you'll need to complete an onboarding process. Login to the console and, within the extension version pages, find the option to monetize your extension to start the process.

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Create and Manage Extensions with the Developer Rig

Create and Manage Extensions with the Developer Rig

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