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Channel Membership


This guide explains the Twitch IRC channel membership capabilities. 

Command Description
JOIN Join a channel.
MODE Gain/lose moderator (operator) status in a channel.
NAMES List current chatters in a channel.
PART Depart from a channel.

JOIN (Twitch Membership)

Join a channel.


> :<user>!<user>@<user> JOIN #<channel>

Example: ronni joined the dallas channel.

> :ronni! JOIN #dallas

MODE (Twitch Membership)

Gain/lose moderator (operator) status in a channel.


> :jtv MODE #<channel> +o <user>
> :jtv MODE #<channel> -o <user>

Example: ronni got moderator status in the dallas channel.

> :jtv MODE #dallas +o ronni

NAMES (Twitch Membership)

List current chatters in a channel. If there are more than 1000 chatters in a room, NAMES return only the list of operator privileges currently in the room. The code stops sending JOIN/PART updates when the room size exceeds 1k. After that, it only sends “MODE changes” (any of the +o and -o commands above).


> :<user> 353 <user> = #<channel> :<user> <user2> <user3>
> :<user> 353 <user> = #<channel> :<user4> <user5> ... <userN>
> :<user> 366 <user> #<channel> :End of /NAMES list

Example: The chatters in the dallas channel are ronni, fred, wilma, barney, and betty.

> 353 ronni = #dallas :ronni fred wilma
> 353 ronni = #dallas :barney betty
> 366 ronni #dallas :End of /NAMES list

PART (Twitch Membership)

Depart from a channel.


> :<user>!<user>@<user> PART #<channel>

Example: ronni left the dallas channel.

> :ronni! PART #dallas