Twitch Access Token Scopes

Each API that your app calls specifies the type of token it requires. For example, some APIs require a user access token and others require an app access token. For APIs that require a user access token, the API reference content identifies the scopes that the user must authorize. The authorization gives your app permission to perform the specified action on the user’s behalf. App access tokens don’t use scopes.

When you send an HTTP GET request to, you set the scope query parameter to the list of scopes required to support your app’s functionality. The list is space delimited. You must URL encode the list; for example, &scope=user%3Aedit%20user%3Aread%3Aemail.

NOTE An application must request only the scopes required by the APIs that their app calls. If you request more scopes than is required to support your app’s functionality, Twitch may suspend your application’s access to the Twitch API.

Twitch API scopes

The following table lists the scopes used by the Twitch API. To see a list of all Twitch API endpoints, including those that do not require scopes, see the Twitch API reference.

Scope Name Type of Access and Associated Endpoints
analytics:read:extensions View analytics data for the Twitch Extensions owned by the authenticated account.

Get Extension Analytics
analytics:read:games View analytics data for the games owned by the authenticated account.

Get Game Analytics
bits:read View Bits information for a channel.

Get Bits Leaderboard
channel:edit:commercial Run commercials on a channel.

Start Commercial
channel:manage:broadcast Manage a channel’s broadcast configuration, including updating channel configuration and managing stream markers and stream tags.

Modify Channel Information
Create Stream Marker
Replace Stream Tags
channel:read:charity Read charity campaign details and user donations on your channel.

Get Charity Campaign
channel:manage:extensions Manage a channel’s Extension configuration, including activating Extensions.

Get User Active Extensions
Update User Extensions
channel:manage:moderators Add or remove the moderator role from users in your channel.

Add Channel Moderator
Remove Channel Moderator
channel:manage:polls Manage a channel’s polls.

Create Poll
End Poll
channel:manage:predictions Manage of channel’s Channel Points Predictions

Create Channel Points Prediction
End Channel Points Prediction
channel:manage:raids Manage a channel raiding another channel.

Start a raid
Cancel a raid
channel:manage:redemptions Manage Channel Points custom rewards and their redemptions on a channel.

Create Custom Rewards
Delete Custom Reward
Update Custom Reward
Update Redemption Status
channel:manage:schedule Manage a channel’s stream schedule.

Update Channel Stream Schedule
Create Channel Stream Schedule Segment
Update Channel Stream Schedule Segment
Delete Channel Stream Schedule Segment
channel:manage:videos Manage a channel’s videos, including deleting videos.

Delete Videos
channel:read:editors View a list of users with the editor role for a channel.

Get Channel Editors
channel:read:goals View Creator Goals for a channel.

Get Creator Goals
channel:read:hype_train View Hype Train information for a channel.

Get Hype Train Events
channel:read:polls View a channel’s polls.

Get Polls
channel:read:predictions View a channel’s Channel Points Predictions.

Get Channel Points Predictions
channel:read:redemptions View Channel Points custom rewards and their redemptions on a channel.

Get Custom Reward
Get Custom Reward Redemption
channel:read:stream_key View an authorized user’s stream key.

Get Stream Key
channel:read:subscriptions View a list of all subscribers to a channel and check if a user is subscribed to a channel.

Get Broadcaster Subscriptions
channel:read:vips Read the list of VIPs in your channel.

Get VIPs
channel:manage:vips Add or remove the VIP role from users in your channel.

Get VIPs
Add Channel VIP
Remove Channel VIP
clips:edit Manage Clips for a channel.

Create Clip
moderation:read View a channel’s moderation data including Moderators, Bans, Timeouts, and Automod settings.

Check AutoMod Status
Get Banned Users
Get Moderators
moderator:manage:announcements Send announcements in channels where you have the moderator role.

Send Chat Announcement
moderator:manage:automod Manage messages held for review by AutoMod in channels where you are a moderator.

Manage Held AutoMod Messages
moderator:read:automod_settings View a broadcaster’s AutoMod settings.

Get AutoMod Settings
moderator:manage:automod_settings Manage a broadcaster’s AutoMod settings.

Update AutoMod Settings
moderator:manage:banned_users Ban and unban users.

Ban users
Unban user
moderator:read:blocked_terms View a broadcaster’s list of blocked terms.

Get Blocked Terms
moderator:manage:blocked_terms Manage a broadcaster’s list of blocked terms.

Add Blocked Term
Remove Blocked Term
moderator:manage:chat_messages Delete chat messages in channels where you have the moderator role

Delete Chat Messages
moderator:read:chat_settings View a broadcaster’s chat room settings.

Get Chat Settings
moderator:manage:chat_settings Manage a broadcaster’s chat room settings.

Update Chat Settings
moderator:read:chatters View the chatters in a broadcaster’s chat room.

Get Chatters
moderator:read:followers Read the followers of a broadcaster.

Get Channel Followers
moderator:read:shield_mode View a broadcaster’s Shield Mode status.

Get Shield Mode Status
moderator:manage:shield_mode Manage a broadcaster’s Shield Mode status.

Update Shield Mode Status
moderator:read:shoutouts View a broadcaster’s shoutouts.

moderator:manage:shoutouts Manage a broadcaster’s shoutouts.

Send a Shoutout
user:edit Manage a user object.

Update User
user:edit:follows Deprecated. Was previously used for “Create User Follows” and “Delete User Follows.” See Deprecation of Create and Delete Follows API Endpoints.
user:manage:blocked_users Manage the block list of a user.

Block User
Unblock User
user:read:blocked_users View the block list of a user.

Get User Block List
user:read:broadcast View a user’s broadcasting configuration, including Extension configurations.

Get Stream Markers
Get User Extensions
Get User Active Extensions
user:manage:chat_color Update the color used for the user’s name in chat.Update User Chat Color
user:read:email View a user’s email address.

Get Users (optional)
user:read:follows View the list of channels a user follows.

Get Followed Channels
Get Followed Streams
user:read:subscriptions View if an authorized user is subscribed to specific channels.

Check User Subscription
user:manage:whispers Read whispers that you send and receive, and send whispers on your behalf.

Send Whisper

Chat and PubSub scopes

Scope Name Type of Access
channel:moderate Perform moderation actions in a channel. The user requesting the scope must be a moderator in the channel.
chat:edit Send live stream chat messages.
chat:read View live stream chat messages.
whispers:read View your whisper messages.
whispers:edit Send whisper messages.