Configure the Twitch CLI

Before you can use the Twitch CLI, you must configure it with your application’s client ID and secret. For information about getting a Twitch client ID and secret, see Register your app.

The configure command sets information that the CLI requires to run. For most commands that you’ll use, the CLI requires your application’s client ID and secret. By default, configure asks for the information using interactive prompts.

% twitch configure
Client ID: t214nt...
Client Secret: hyss6ng...
Updated configuration.

To provide your application’s client ID and secret without prompts, use the following flags:

Flag Shorthand Description
--client-id -i Your app’s client ID.
--client-secret -s Your app’s client secret.

You must provide both flags; otherwise, configure prompts you for the missing information.

% twitch configure -i g4lvqc... -s u4vcrix...
Updated configuration.

Next steps

The next step is to get an access token to use with the api command.