Get an access token

Use the token command to get an access token. Twitch API endpoints require an app access token or a user access token (see the endpoint’s reference content for token requirements).


Before getting an access token, you must configure the CLI with your application’s client ID and secret. For information, see the Configure command.

If you don’t configure the CLI before running the token command, you’re prompted to provide your application’s client ID and secret.

App access token

The following example shows how to get an app access token.

% twitch token
2021/10/14 09:30:28 App Access Token: 44xwqk6...

User access token

User access tokens require that the user consent to the application accessing their resources. To get consent, you must set the redirect URL to http://localhost:3000 when registering your application.

The following are the flags you use to get a user access token.

Flag Shorthand Description
--user-token -u Tells the token command that you want a user access token.
--scopes -s The space-delimited list of scopes, which identify the resources that the user is giving the app permission to access. To specify multiple scopes, wrap the list in single quotes.

This example shows how to get a user access token with the user:read:email scope set. Note that the call opens a browser to request user consent.

% twitch token -u -s user:read:email
Opening browser. Press Ctrl+C to cancel...
2021/10/14 09:54:05 User Access Token: 8yl7k3evyn8...
Refresh Token: dt4z0rc33nz2s4z...
Expires At: 2021-10-14 21:16:33.332005 +0000 UTC
Scopes: [user:read:email]

This example shows how to specify multiple scopes.

% twitch token -u -s 'user:read:email user:edit'

If you’re logged in to Twitch when you request a token, it gets your user information from your log in. Otherwise, you’re prompted for your credentials.

Revoking access tokens

To revoke an access token, use the --revoke (-r) flag. The flag’s parameter identifies the token to revoke.

% twitch token -r ke1dlej9...                
2021/10/14 10:26:19 Token ke1dlej9... has been successfully revoked.

To revoke a token that was created using a different client ID than the one that the CLI is configured with, use the --client-id flag.

twitch token -r nbrw0pvgp... --client-id t214nt8z1...
2021/10/14 10:53:46 Token nbrw0pvgp... has been successfully revoked.

Next steps

Now that you have an access token, you can use the api command to send requests to API endpoints.