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Extensions Onboarding Guide


Completing the Extensions developer onboarding process allows you to begin developing an extension.

To complete this process, we require your tax and financial information, so we can validate your identity as a developer.

Fill out the onboarding form carefully. To change information later, you must redo the entire form.

Note: If you are already a Twitch partner or affiliate, you do not need to fill out the form. See below.

Procedure for Twitch Partners and Affiliates

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the developer site, https://dev.twitch.tv.
  2. In the top row, click the Dashboard tab.
  3. In the Extensions box, click the GET STARTED button.
    You will receive an email enrollment confirmation very soon (within a minute).
  4. After the email arrives, reload the dashboard. The GET STARTED button is replaced with VIEW EXTENSIONS. You can start developing now!

Procedure for Other Developers

To begin the onboarding process:

  1. Log into the developer site, https://dev.twitch.tv.
  2. In the top row, click the Dashboard tab.
  3. In the Extensions box, click the GET STARTED button.
  4. Go to the Settings tab on your broadcaster dashboard and click Extensions Developer Onboarding.

Complete all four sections of the form:

  1. Register as a developer. Complete the fields with information about the legal entity that owns the extension. This information must exactly match your tax information and financial information, so make sure it is correct.

    Each legal entity can have only one Extensions developer account. If you have multiple individuals under one legal entity, please do not complete the onboarding multiple times; instead, have all your users utilize your one onboarded Twitch account.

  2. Agree to the Twitch Extensions Developer Agreement.

    If you are under 18, this section asks your parent or legal guardian to agree to the agreement on your behalf. Your parent or legal guardian must enter his/her full legal name, check the box, and click Agree.

    For help interpreting the contract, please contact your attorney. (Twitch is not equipped to help with this.)

  3. Complete two tax interviews, for royalty tax and service tax. The two forms are very similar but used for different purposes. Both need to be filled out accurately.

    Since Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon, we use some Amazon tools to help Extensions developers get registered, including the tax-information forms. For definitions of individual fields, see the Amazon Tax Information Interview Guide.

    For help with this section, please contact your tax professional. (Twitch is not equipped to help with this.)

  4. Provide financial information, to finish the process of validating your identity. Also, providing this information enables you to participate in monetization features that may become available. In this section of the form, you select how you want to be paid.

    On the Payment Method screen, we recommend you select Hold My Payments. You can modify this selection later if desired.

    In this step, we request some personal financial information. This enables us to be certain who our developers are, to protect our users. We require this because, with Extensions, we are enabling you to run third-party code on the Twitch website, in our users’ browsers.

    This section may ask you for additional information. If you get this prompt, please submit a scanned copy of your government ID, such as a passport.

  5. Click Submit.

    The approval process can take up to 48 hours. If you are approved, you will get a notification email. If you are not approved, information is provided in Extensions Developer Onboarding; return there if you do not get the approval email within 48 hours.

Changing Information After Onboarding

To change your payment method, select Change Payment Method.

To change other information, on the Extensions Developer Onboarding main menu, click Start Over. This clears any information you have in our system, so you must complete the entire onboarding process again.