Having Extensions Reviewed

Submitting Your Extension for Review

Once your extension works properly on the Twitch CDN, it is ready to be submitted for review.

  1. Fill out the EULA or Terms of Service URL and Privacy Policy URL fields within Version Details on the version of the extension you want to submit.
  2. Go to Settings > Image Assets and upload an image for the Extension Manager to show in the Discovery tab on a broadcaster’s dashboard. This must be a 300x200 PNG.
  3. Go to the Screenshots section of the extension and upload screenshots of your extension in action. Images can be PNG, JPG, or GIF. The minimum (and recommended) image size is 1024x768. Images must have a 4:3 aspect ratio. You must have at least one screenshot (and an icon) for your extension before submission.
  4. Go to Settings > General and select a General Category under which your extension will be shown in the Extension Manager. The drop-down list has these categories:

    Extension for Games Extensions that are built specifically to support games (either a specific game or many games).
    Games in Extensions Extensions that contain games.
    Schedule and Countdowns Extensions that allow broadcasters to communicate to their communities their next event or stream.
    Polling and Voting Extensions that enable broadcasters to get viewer feedback.
    Loyalty and Recognition Extensions that help viewers use loyalty points or provide a way for them to be recognized in the channel (like a leaderboard).
    Music Extensions that enable broadcasters to show their current song or enable viewers to request songs from the broadcaster.
    Viewer Engagement Extensions that provide different ways for viewers to engage, and do not fall into another category.
    Streamer Tools Extensions that do not fall into another category.
  5. Complete the Review Details section of the version you will submit. Pay special attention to the following fields and issues:
    • Name of Channel for Review — Specify the URL of the channel that you want to be used for the review process. To complete our review of your extension, we require the version under review to be fully functional and live on a Twitch channel page until it is approved. Also, if your extension requires live data to operate, please simulate the necessary data to allow our reviewers to use the full breadth of features offered by your extension.

      This field is required. Your extension will be rejected unless this field contains a valid URL from the domain.
    • Walkthrough Guide and Change Log — To facilitate a quick review, we highly recommend you provide a clear and thorough walkthrough guide documenting your extension’s features. If you are releasing a new version, please include a change log too.

      Failure to provide a walkthrough guide or change log may result in extended review time or rejection.
  6. Submit your extension for review by clicking Mark In Review in the Version Status section on the version for which you have uploaded assets.

Making Changes

While your extension is under review, you cannot change any version assets or details. If changes are needed, revert back to the test version by clicking Return to Testing. After making the changes, upload your modified assets to the Twitch CDN, then re-submit the version for review. Note that re-submitting resets your place in the review queue.