An Evolution in Live Video


Lead the charge in a paradigm shift in live video


Be the first to create deep, interactive experiences utilizing Twitch & game metadata to infuse extensions with real-time information


Create both publicly available and bespoke solutions, adding value and engagement to your products and the community as a whole


Easily showcase your products and brand directly on stream to huge audiences

Added Value

Give your customers more of what they want by adding value to your existing products


Ability to monetize an Extension coming in the future.


Twitch Extensions on AWS Credit Program

Getting Started


Make sure you’ve already created an AWS account, Twitch account, and completed the Extensions onboarding.


Submit your proposal for an Extension you’d like to build by completing the form below.


If selected, AWS Promotional Credits will be applied to your AWS account.

Application Form

First Name is required.

Last Name is required.

A valid email is required.

Company is required.

City is required.

State, Country is required.

Extension name is required.


Intended target streamer audience is required.

Extension description is required.

Benefits are required.

How AWS will be used is required.


When are applications due?
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed and selected in groups once a month.

When and how will I be notified of the results of my application?
We'll notify you via email within 60 days of your submission.

What happens if I'm not selected?
Keep working on that idea, re-work your proposal, and re-apply next month for consideration.

How are submissions evaluated?
We're particularly excited to see ideas that unlock new levels of interactivity and innovation for streamers and their viewers. All completed submissions will be evaluated by Twitch and AWS on the criteria below.

  • Customer value: How will this serve Twitch content creators?
  • Business potential: Prospects of building a viable business via the Extension over time
  • Creativity & innovation: Ability to amaze and delight viewers when engaging with a stream
  • Use of AWS services: How will you use AWS services to power your Extension?

Can I submit more than one idea / application?
Yes, you absolutely can! But please submit each idea separately.

Do I need to build an Extension before I submit an application?
No, you can submit an idea in any stage of development!

I have another question. Who do I ask?
Visit us in the forums!

Terms & Conditions
AWS Promotional Credits will be awarded by AWS and Twitch based on the criteria above. By accepting the AWS Credits you agree to describe your experience developing your Extension for our use in promoting Extensions and AWS. AWS Credits received under this offer may only be used for testing and development of your Extension, not for production usage, and are subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions, currently available at