Twitch extensions on AWS credit program

We're excited to team up with Amazon Web Services

(AWS) to provide an opportunity to receive up to $1000 of AWS Promotional Credits and educational resources to creators of promising Extensions. These credits can be used to cover the cost of AWS services that will support your initial proof of concept.
To those of you who haven't started building yet, now is your chance to join this incredibly creative community that's literally writing the future of Twitch and revolutionizing livestreaming. Apply for the Twitch Extensions on AWS Credit Program today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this program?
Developers who release an extension before the program cutoff date.
When are applications due?
Applications will remain open until 31 March 2019. Any Extension submissions before this date will be eligible, provided they meet any other eligibility requirements.
When are credits applied?
Credits are applied on the last Monday of every month the promotion runs. So in December, for example, credits will be applied to eligible developers AWS accounts on 31 December. If a developer becomes eligible on 5 December, credits will not be applied until 31 December. Credits may be applied at a more frequent schedule at Twitch’s discretion.
When and how will I be notified of the results of my application?
Credits will appear in your account as per the schedule listed above.
What happens if I'm not selected?
Keep working on that idea, re-work your proposal, and re-apply next month for consideration.
Can I submit more than one idea / application?
Yes, you absolutely can! But please submit each idea separately.
Do I need to build an Extension before I submit an application?
No, you can submit an idea in any stage of development. Note that credits won’t be granted until the extension is released however.
I have another question. Who do I ask?
Visit us in the forums!
Terms & Conditions
AWS Promotional Credits will be awarded by AWS and Twitch based on the criteria above. By accepting the AWS Credits you agree to describe your experience developing your Extension for our use in promoting Extensions and AWS. AWS Credits received under this offer may only be used for testing and development of your Extension, not for production usage, and are subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions, currently available at